A Rugby and Coaching clinic and tournament were held in Mukdahan Province in Thailand on Feb 2nd and 3rd as part of the "Impact Beyond 2019" and "Asian Scrum Project" for players and coaches from Thailand and Laos through International Contribution Program; “Sport for Tomorrow” 

There were 46 participants from Laos, about 100 participants from nearby areas and local Mukdahan province and learned about rugby and rugby coaching while deepening friendship.

During the clinic, Ms. Aoi Mimura who was one of the guest coaches gave a lecture about the spirit of “One for all, All for one” which she used “scrum” as an example of the spirit as everyone including your opponents have to bind together.  Another guest coach, Ms. Saki Minami talked about the important of friendship that you make through rugby and rugby events as the spirit of “No Side”. 

With the support of the tourism bureau and police, local rugby and government officials were very much involved in this event.
The deputy governor of Mukdarhan Province, who came to greet the participants at the opening ceremony expressed his appreciation for not only Japan, but also for the related parties. The passion of the local and government officials and their willingness to spread rugby was the foundation and at the heart of this event
Japan Rugby Football Union will continue to work on spreading rugby across Asian countries. 

Date: February 2nd and 3rd, 2018
In attendance, were coaches:
Masatoshi Mukoyama (Assosiate Professor at Ryutsukeizai University, ex-National Level player)
Saki Minami (A student at Japan Sports Science University)
Aoi Mimura (Yokohama TKM Rugby Club, Yamanashi Gakuin University alumni)

Date: February 2nd and 3rd, 2018
Place: Mukdahan Province in Thailand
February 2nd: Coaching Clinic, Rugby Clinic and Lectures on the Japanese Rugby Spirit
February 3rd: Rugby Clinic, Rugby Training and Touch Rugby tournament