A Rugby Exchange and Clinic was held in Galle in Sri Lanka as part of the "Impact Beyond 2019" and "Asian Scrum Project" for children from Sri Lankan and Indonesian through International Contribution Program; “Sport  for Tomorrow” with the collaboration of Kamaishi city; one of the 12 hosting cities (in Iwate prefecture). 

At the clinic, there were 100 children from three different schools and basic rugby skills were taught. Also, before and after the rugby clinic, seminars on disaster prevention were held and knowledge on evacuation from the tsunami was shared with a visit to the local city hall and disaster control centre. 
Besides, there was a visit to the beach to have a better understanding on current sports tourism. 

In Jakarta, Indonesia, basic-rugby-skill clinic was held for 90 players. 

In Puramuka Island, rugby exchange was held with 30 children and like Sri Lanka, before and after the rugby exchange, disaster prevention seminars were held.

In addition to the promotion of rugby, these new efforts at solving interregional issues such as "disaster prevention" and "sports tourism" by utilizing the rugby network were implemented in this trip. Seminars and site visits could not have happened without the support of rugby officials and the government officials as well as the JICA volunteer(Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers) that are dispatched in those countries. JRFU would like to continue developing the Asian Scrum Project while utilizing the power of rugby in various ways.

Date: February 6th to 11th, 2018
Place: Galle, Sri Lanka & Jakarta and Puramuka Island, Indonesia
In attendance, were coaches:
Masatoshi Mukoyama (Associate Professor at Ryutsukeizai University, ex-National Level player)

Sri Lanka
Date: February 6th and 7th, 2018 
Place: Galle, Sri Lanka
February 6th: Rugby exchange and clinic, discussion with schoolteachers about disaster prevention
February 7th: Discussion about Sports tourism

Date: February 9th to 11th
Place: Jakarta and Puramuka Island
February 9th: Discussion about disaster prevention
February 10th: Rugby Exchange & Clinic (in Jakarta)
February 11th: Rugby Exchange & Clinic (in Puramuka Island) and discussion about Sports Tourism with National Park Staff